Recent projects

  • Emergency Number 112 in Poland
    Emergency Number 112 in Poland

    In the project named: ‘Purchase and comissioning of the computer system for receiving & recording calls on emergency 112 number in the regional centers’ teh DGT...

  • DGT IP-R Railway ITC System
    DGT IP-R Railway ITC System

    Delivery, installation and commissioning of more that 600 (out of 2000 planned) DGT R exchanges for the Polish Railways PKP PLK under the Railway Traffic Safety...

  • Kompania Węglowa SA [Coal Company Co.]
    Kompania Węglowa SA [Coal Company Co.]

    In eleven coals mines of KW SA the DGT Hetman system provides dispatchers with access to special alarm and maintenance functions customized to the specifics of an...


  • Critical Communications World
    Critical Communications World 2016-06-10 07:53:05

    From May 31st to June 2nd 2016, eighteenth edition of the Congress and the Fair Critical Communications World (CCW) was held in Amsterdam.

  • DGT on Pro-Defense in Ostróda
    DGT on Pro-Defense in Ostróda 2016-06-08 09:10:45

    On 02-05.06.2016 we participated in the fair Pro-Defense in Osterode, which aimed at presenting the latest technical solutions used by our Polish army. At the fair we...

The DGT-MCS system is an invaluable tool for the dispatcher. Using the telephone module it is possible to arrange queues and monitor the waiting subscribers, create black and white lists. The radio module makes it possible to work with almost any analogue and digital system, with the ability to listen and broadcast at many radio stations simultaneously. The conference module gives the possibility to set up conferences between subscribers using various means of communication. AIn addition to typical functions related to the recording of calls, the recording module registers also information typical for radio transmission.

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