The offer for transport companies includes provision of services and equipment for voice and data transmission. The reference list includes seaports, rail infrastructure as well as airports. Dispatch communication systems with a local and nationwide range integrate various media, recording the conversations. Depending on the configuration and destination, they facilitate communication and take care of the transport traffic safety. They can be used for integration with services with which interoperability may be required and which use other means of communication.

The DGT-MCS system is an invaluable tool for the dispatcher. Using the telephone module it is possible to arrange queues and monitor the waiting subscribers, create black and white lists. The radio module makes it possible to work with almost any analogue and digital system, with the ability to listen and broadcast at many radio stations simultaneously. The conference module gives the possibility to set up conferences between subscribers using various means of communication. AIn addition to typical functions related to the recording of calls, the recording module registers also information typical for radio transmission.

The National Emergency Medical Services have been developing their systems for several years. DGT’s offer for the ambulance service includes supplies of radio and telephone systems, integrated communication systems ranging from one dispatch centre to province installations. The solutions provided by DGT can operate with various communication systems including those already possessed by individual units. An ideal idea is to merge the old radio infrastructure with the new one and combine them both into a single communication system. Moreover, integration with fixed or mobile telephony and virtual radiotelephones can be considered.

The provincial police headquarters in the provinces of Łódzkie, Pomorskie and Kujawsko- Pomorskie have decided to implement the communication system developed by DGT. Other headquarters either have some part of the DGT infrastructure, such as e.g. call registration systems and telephone exchanges, or are considering to purchase the system, following the experience of their partners.

ICT system integrating classic TDM telephonyand VoIP technology

The ICT system manufactured by DGT is a communication platform which grew out of the best classic communication tradition and combines the features of a mature TDM telecommunications system and the latest achievements in the VoIP technology and Unified Communications (UC).

Users are connected to the system via:

  • IP/Ethernet,
  • system digital interfaces,
  • analogue interfaces.

Communication with the public network can be made through classic BRI/PRI, analogue interfaces, GSM and VoIP trunk links. The system can be offered to both new users as well as to users who have already had DGT systems made in older technologies - in such event the DGT server functionality can be achieved through appropriate updates of software and hardware.

Field, mobile DGTtelecommunication systems

The field DGT systems are used during stabilizing a mission, military manoeuvres, on training grounds in order to provide communication on the battlefield. These devices are also used to equip RWŁC-10/CT (WZŁ No. 1) communication vehicles the task of which is to provide non-classified communication and organise a communication node for the command station within the facility intended as a temporary centre.

DGT launches complete command stations at provincial, district and municipal headquarters. System implementation means handling all incoming and outgoing calls (telephone and radio) using one terminal (saving space at the workstation), recording all correspondence, queuing incoming calls, integration with the means of communications of other services, high ergonomics of work and flexible extension. Intuitive operation and individually created user profiles make it easier for the duty officer to work and his superior to analyse his work.

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