A system to serve a large civil airport integrating telephone communication with the TETRA-DAMM TETRAFLEX system. Integration with the digital map system.

Delivery, installation and commissioning of more that 600 (out of 2000 planned) DGT R exchanges for the Polish Railways PKP PLK under the Railway Traffic Safety Improvement programme. The DGT IP R system is used to control the railway traffic. It Integrates all means of communication used by the Dispatcher. It ensures recording of events and correspondence and allows remote supervision of all components of the system.

In eleven coals mines of KW SA the DGT Hetman system provides dispatchers with access to special alarm and maintenance functions customized to the specifics of an enterprise operating on a continuous basis and having high requirements as to the quality and reliable communication. DGT Hetman works with metanometric company systems and processing visualization systems. The system is adapted to operate in harsh and hazardous environmental conditions (ATEX), it is possible to use specialized intrinsically safe barriers, telephones and telephone signalling devices of different manufacturers.

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