Emergency Call Centres


The DGT has provided technology for the operation of the emergency number 112 throughout Poland. Since 2011, DGT's telecommunications equipment has been helping to save property, health, and lives by handling emergency calls in Emergency Response Centers located across Poland.

The number 112 is the unified emergency number applicable throughout the European Union. It is used to report situations threatening health, life, or property.

Handling of calls in seventeen Emergency Response Centers is carried out through dispatcher consoles and telecommunications servers produced by DGT. All calls are recorded on DGT equipment. The system handles approximately 20 million calls annually.

The operator's task at the emergency number is to receive the report, initially fill out a form, and transfer the call and form content to the relevant field service (police, ambulance, fire brigade). Calls are recorded and archived.

Telecommunications servers operate continuously in a 24/7/365 mode.

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DGT is also involved in the implementation of crisis management centers at lower levels of dispersion. We are ready to design and build notification systems of any size.


Proposed products

Integration of telephone and radio communication in one telecommunication system

A telecommunications server integrating classic TDM telephony and new VoIP technologies

A small size telecommunication server integrating TDM and VoiP technology.

Rozwiązanie sieciowe, umożliwiające nagrywanie i archiwizację treści głosowych, wideo i tekstowych.

Recording of telephone, radio, telefax and modem connections

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Station of any workstation for conducting tasks in an interactive way

Multifunctional telephone terminal for handling communications in the advice system, secretary-office or dispatcher