Transport Sector


DGT's offer for enterprises in this industry includes the supply of voice and data transmitting services and devices. The DGT reference list includes seaports (subscriber communication, site and employee protection, water communication), railway infrastructure (routers, modems, telecommunications servers), as well as airports (including integration of fixed communications with radiocommunication systems.

Dispatch communication systems produced and implemented by DGT with local and national coverage, integrate various means of communication, record conversations, ensure the safety of employees and passengers.

These systems, based on the DGT MCS Integrated Dispatch Communication System, can be designed for integration with other institutions and services with which it is necessary to cooperate, and which use other means of communication.

One of the most important projects in the history of DGT is the introduction of a communication system in the transport industry. It is a Railway Teleinformatic System - an integrated dispatch communication system for the needs of railway traffic, developed in cooperation with the Automation and Telecommunications Office of PKP Polish Railway Lines on the basis of the Instruction on wired mobile communication Ie-2 (E3). It is a scalable, universal ICT system designed for all types of facilities: local control centers (LCS), stations and stops.zna designed for all types of facilities: local control centers (LCS), stations and stops.

Proposed products

Integration of telephone and radio communication in one telecommunication system

Reliable dispatcher communication for trains traffic management

A telecommunications server integrating classic TDM telephony and new VoIP technologies

A small size telecommunication server integrating TDM and VoiP technology.

System komutacyjny w chmurze typu softswitch 

Rozwiązanie sieciowe, umożliwiające nagrywanie i archiwizację treści głosowych, wideo i tekstowych.

Recording of telephone, radio, telefax and modem connections

The terminal provides the user with telephone, radio and other functionalities in the DGT MCS System

Station of any workstation for conducting tasks in an interactive way

A small size console to implement telephone, radio and other functionalities provided in the DGT MCS System

Wielofunkcyjny terminal z możliwością pracy na styku UpN lub styku systemowym IP/SU-IP

Multifunctional telephone terminal for handling communications in the advice system, secretary-office or dispatcher

Broadcast communication (voice messages) and conference

A versatile family of SIP phones with advanced functionality for offices of all sizes