A system for the National Emergency Medical Services. Radio and telephone communication designed to optimise and more effectively manage the forces of the National Emergency Medical Services using dedicated data transmission links. The system is based on two centralised decision-making centres in Gorzów Wlkp. and Zielona Góra. Operation with conventional, digital, TETRA and EDACS radiotelephones has been planned

A dispatch communication system covering the whole Małopolskie Province. This is the first such large installation for the ambulance service in Poland. New functionalities are implemented owing to the open architecture of the system.

The communication system built in 2015 allows communication with the Air Medical Services and handling of calls at 999. The tasks are carried out by two concentrated dispatch centres located in Gdańsk and Słupsk. When building the system it was assumed that its future development should be taken into account.

In eleven coals mines of KW SA the DGT Hetman system provides dispatchers with access to special alarm and maintenance functions customized to the specifics of an enterprise operating on a continuous basis and having high requirements as to the quality and reliable communication. DGT Hetman works with metanometric company systems and processing visualization systems. The system is adapted to operate in harsh and hazardous environmental conditions (ATEX), it is possible to use specialized intrinsically safe barriers, telephones and telephone signalling devices of different manufacturers.