DGT 5810-11 - Touch screen Dispatch console with DGT DCA application

The dispatch console with the DCA dispatch application (Dispatch Console Application) allows the user to access telephone, radio and other functionalities, implemented by the DGT MCS system.
DGT touch screen dispatch consoles were created in order to increase the comfort of use and facilitate the user’s work. Thanks to the increased readability (large LCD panel), intuitive and convenient operation (touch screen), using the console is simple and user friendly. The devices are designed for continuous operation in various communication systems. No rotating elements guarantees comfortable operation (noise level 0dB). The highest quality displays with excellent performance parameters allow you to work both in very well-lit rooms and at night when the lighting is limited. The device is a work tool with a very high level of reliability.
Additionally, the console can also be equipped with a DESKSTAND microphone (external desk microphone with one, four  or eight PTT buttons), a wired or wireless headset and a PTT footswitch.

Selected features

  • IPS touch (capacitive) display, Full HD, 23.5”, 16:9•    Three support points to reduce screen shake during selecting functions
    on the screen
  • The adjustable console tilt angle, in a range from 3° to 20°
  • Six independent audio tracks outputted to the built-in speakers
  • Possibility of connecting a gooseneck type microphone
  • The headset connector
  • The DESKSTAND type microphone connector
  • The PTT footswitch connector
  • Optional LED backlight
  • Two color versions (white and black)
  • 12VDC power supply  (equipped with an external 230VAC / 12VDC power adapter)

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