DGT RVT - Dispatch Console

DGT Radio Voice Terminal is a dedicated dispatch terminal supporting 5 GSM/UMTS/LTE radio modules. Four modules are used for voice communication and one for data transmission and management or alternatively as a voice backup channel. Operator can handle concurrently 2 active calls and can switch dynamically between different lines with other connection automatically holded. For more effective and secure dispatch operations the terminal can block incoming calls from callers that are not included in a contact book.
The terminal has robust, splash proof construction and is designed to withstand harsh environment conditions. The terminal is developed for railway industry where it is used for dispatcher communication. It is a good alternative or backup to fixed line telephony (between neighbouring stations, guarded railway crossings etc.) where cable infrastructure is not available. The terminal is ready to support GSM-R and TETRA or LTE critical communication.

Selected features

  • support for up to 4 GSM/UMTS/LTE voice lines + 1 data/voice,
  • handling up to 2 calls simultanouesly,
  • call hold + music on hold,
  • calling line presentation,
  • conference calls – up to 5 participants,
  • SMS messaging,
  • voice call recording + playback,
  • contact book,
  • call history,
  • black / white list number support,
  • solid and robust case with intruder opening alarm,
  • goosneck microphone and loudspeaker system (additional deskstands and headsets are also possible),
  • displaying GSM modules' status,
  • device time synchronization from GSM/3G network or optionally GPS,
  • remote management through dedicated 5th data module that can also be used as a backup voice channel,

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